Is It Worth Investing in Home Gym Equipment?


The Home Gym

A garage gym or home gym setup is a dream for many lifters and serious fitness folks. They address lots of issues that you find in a commercial gym.


The Pros of a Home Gym

First and foremost, in the long run, a home gym will save you money. Although they can cost a lot to set up, if you plan to work out for the rest of your life, dropping the monthly gym fee will add up to some serious dollars.

A much-appreciated benefit to a home gym is the ability to work out in solitude, which means no more waiting for the squat rack, no more talking to the “bros,” and no more questionable gym soundtracks. Never again will you feel rushed or feel uncomfortable with on-lookers. No more locker room sharing or odd odors — throw your garage doors or windows open and let that fresh air in!

This leads to our next benefit, a particular favorite of mine. The ability to dress how you want, act how you want, and make as much noise as you want. Wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in makes all the difference for a great workout.

And, as it is connected to your house, you can work out 24/7. That means you are free to do so if the urge to relieve some stress hits you at 2 in the morning. A final positive point that I really like about home gyms is the ability to involve your kids in your passion. Working out on a Saturday and watching the kids can be combined into a beautiful bonding experience.


The Cons of a Home Gym

Gym equipment is really expensive. If you want a range of cardio equipment, the price tags can be eye-watering, and a full set of calibrated plates and a bench can get up in cost quickly. You also have to deal with the fact that you will potentially lose usable space for your home gym.

Unfortunately, when things go wrong (such as dropping a dumbbell into a wall or mirror) in your home gym, you must get it repaired. That means if your treadmill needs expensive repairs, it could get costly. This is different from commercial gyms, where the owners cover the repairs.

When you go into a commercial gym, it is easy to have that laser focus. Get in, work out, get out is often the game plan. When your gym is attached to your home, though, distraction will be your biggest enemy.

Staying in the zone and connecting with your body becomes much harder when you can smell dinner being cooked or your kids calling you!