5 Best Outdoor Play Equipment for Kids in 2021

When the weather is nice and warm, you want your kids to play outside. Outdoor sporting activities are great for growing kids. These keep them active and busy and help in the growth of muscles and bones. Be it a park or just your backyard, you need to create a small play nook for the kids to run around and have fun. We have some amazing ideas for the safest outdoor play equipment. These inexpensive but sturdy pieces can be a great addition to your outdoor playing areas. Easily available online, here are some of the most popular outdoor play equipment.


Swing Set

A well-made swing set, made from metal or plastic, will keep your kids occupied for hours. A swing set consists of a triangular stand with swing(s) attached to it via metal chains or nylon ropes. The seat of the swing can be made either of plastic or metal. It can easily be installed in the backyard and is usually affixed to the ground with the help of nuts and bolts. Safe and secure, this playset is a must for your toddlers. Adults too can have fun with it!



Another classic from our childhood days. This simple piece of equipment consists of a plank balanced on a plastic, or a wooden or a metal base. Two players sit on opposite sides, making the see-saw tilt towards either one of them with each turn. A fun piece of outdoor sporting equipment, a seesaw is great way for your kids to mingle with others and learn about coordination and team spirit.


Slide Set 

A slide set is perhaps the most common piece that beats all trends in children’s outdoor play equipment. It is a classic and can both be simple and elaborate depending on your preference. A simple set consists of a ladder that takes you atop the slide. The long slide positioned at a tangent takes you down. Your child is supposed to move up the ladder and climb down.


A Tree House

This is a more elaborate piece of outdoor equipment that adds a great value to our child’s outdoor time. It consists of a three house that is usually made of solid wood to add sturdiness and is attached to a long wooden pole. This equipment can also be made from plastic compounds that are far cheaper and lighter than wooden treehouses. Alternately, you can also purchase a metal set for additional safety. Your child can spend hours on this tree house along with his/her friends, creating an imaginary world.



When the summer is at its peak, this is the best piece of outdoor play equipment you can buy for your kids. Usually made from inflatable plastic, this can easily be installed anywhere and filled up with water for your kids to splash in.  If you are worried about outdoor play equipment prices, look no further than True Wellness that helps you set up indoor and outdoor play equipment at affordable price points. For all orders on outdoor play equipment in Bangalore, we are just a click away.