Ultimate Guide to Buy Pool Table

A pool table is a big investment. It’s almost like buying a grand piano or setting up a home gym. As such, you don’t want to get it wrong while buying a pool ball table. From the quality of the material used the feel of the surface – there are a host of factors that needs to be kept in mind before you buy a table. Buying a good pool ball table can ensure that your investment is enjoyed by your children and grandchildren. There’s something deeply romantic and nostalgic about a pool ball or a billiards table. It’s a great heirloom piece that you can hand down to the next generation.

Here’s what to look while buying a pool ball table:

  1. Material: There is a variety of pool ball table types depending on the material – wood, fibreboard etc. However, the best material for a pool table is a slate that is obtained from volcanic ash or clay. The slate can easily be ground and polished into a perfectly flat surface that helps in the rolling of the ball. However, slate tables are very expensive – certainly much more expensive than wood. But investing in a slate table gives you peace of mind that you can rarely find in other tables.
  2. Legs: The legs of a pool ball table are equally important. This is because the legs carry 90% of the weight of the table. Not just that, players often lean on pool tables, putting their entire upper body weight. This too put pressure on the table. So, you want to make sure that you chose legs that are made from solid wood. There are two types of legs: perfect legs and two-piece legs. In perfect legs, the entire structure is made from a single piece of wood. They are extremely strong. In two-piece, the legs are attached to the upper part of the table with nuts and bolts and are, therefore, considered less strong.
  3. Frame: A frame is a structure on which the slate sits. A good frame is one in which the slate is attached to the bottom part and additionally supported by beams. There are two kinds of beams available: two-cross beams and quad beams. In smaller tables, cross beams are fine. But in larger tables, you need quad beams to support the weight of the slate.
  4. Cloth: A pool tabletop is covered in a mix of wool and nylon that is coated with Teflon n order to make it waterproof. A cloth with a weight of 18 -22 ounces per yard is ideal.
  5. Size: The size of the slate should usually be either ¾” or 1” or 1-1/4”. These are industry-approved standard sizes. Many manufacturers will replace a 1”-thick slate with a 7/8”-thick slate. Do insist on the former while buying a pool table
  6. Accessories: While the table itself is important, one should also pay attention to pool cues, bridge sticks and billiard balls. It is best to go for wooden cue sticks and good-quality balls made from non-toxic and safe plastic compounds.
  7. Rack: Since you are a connoisseur of high-quality pool tables, you might want to spend money on a corner rack made from solid wood. It comes with grooves that can nestle the balls safely.

These are just some of the things you must keep in mind while buying a pool table. For some excellent choices in pool ball tables and other related products, check out Truewellness, where you can find the best pool ball table prices along with pool ball table installation help.

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