How a creative redesign can energize your gym and build revenue

With the relative decline in Covid-19 cases and vaccination under full swing, gyms and fitness centers are slowly reopening across the world. If you are one of those gym owners who have seen their revenue plummet over the past year, now is the time to re-energize your business through smart planning and creative redesigning.

Thankfully, none of these call for more investment. Here, we shall share a few tips and tricks that will help you to boost the number of patrons visiting your gym and fuel your revenue growth. Redecorating your gym, reorganizing your gym equipment and a few smart marketing strategies will help you to reenergize your gym and build revenue. If need be, you can also seek the help of gym design consultants for a complete makeover.

Reorganize your equipment

You may have all the fancy gym equipment necessary, but what you really need is a thorough makeover. We are not advising you to buy new ones but making a few creative tweaks to your old equipment can work magic. Organize your layout in such a manner that gym equipment that targets similar muscle groups — legs, chest, back, arms — can all be placed together. Not only will this instantly give a new look to the space, but it will also help you save more space.

Invest in a high-definition mirror

If you don’t have a wall-to-wall mirror, it is now the time to invest in one. Gym rats love to see gains, take selfies and post them online. Investing in a couple of good mirrors has several advantages – it makes your gym looks bigger, while, at the same time, it encourages people to take more selfies and post them online. This helps you in your branding exercise and indirectly promotes your website.

Amp up your social media game

Traditional marketing has given way to online marketing. You must amp up your digital game to be in the big league. Post regular photos of your gyms on Instagram, do live Facebook sessions, and, finally, do not forget to tie up with social media influencers to promote your brand online. You will be surprised by the power of social media when it comes to brand promotion and digital marketing.

Replace your non-functional equipment

Do not forget to replace your old and broken equipment with new ones. Non-functional cardio machines, broken circuit training equipment should all be replaced with new ones. This instantly gives your gym a new look. If you are worried about the prices, you should definitely get in touch with gym setup design consultants who can help you out in identifying and replacing equipment.

Repaint and redecorate your gym space

Instead of a complete overhaul, you can opt for repainting your old gym space. You can also change the layout a bit, shifting some equipment to maintain protocols of social distancing. Finally, you can also divide your patrons into different groups and ask them to come at different times so that all the norms of social distancing are followed.

The True Wellness is a commercial fitness design consultant who can give you the best advice when it comes to gyms. Whether you are setting up a new gym or just redoing an existing one, their advice will come in handy. 

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