Indoor and Outdoor Recreation

Indoor & Outdoor Recreation

We cannot stress enough about the need for recreational spaces be it corporate organizations or townships. A location only offers a quality lifestyle if it has enough recreational areas to satisfy its entire population. That being said, The True Wellness also understands that the space required for these services are hardly available to fulfill the needs of everyone. Enter our team of professionals. We aim to please the target demographic with the limited resources we are given.

Both indoor and outdoor recreation spaces offer complete rejuvenation and help develop a flair for sports that result in returning customers. Our Indoor activities offer layouts for all the popular sports that are sought after by both the working class and the idles. This includes Table Tennis, Pool, SNooker, Bowling and Chess and Card tables (customized to suit your taste).

Our outdoor activities include Horse Riding, PaintBall arenas and Amusement Park Set-ups. These spaces are designed to appeal to all ages and genders.